Helping students in northeast Indiana launch their businesses.

Calling all students!

We believe entrepreneurship starts at a young age. Whether you’re in high school, recently graduated college, or somewhere in between, we want to support your next endeavor. You have the untapped potential and energy it takes to succeed. It’s time to launch your big idea into a reality.

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Networking is an essential part of building a successful business and our quarterly Fortitude Fund events give you the perfect opportunity to start building yours. Our community is rich with people just like you that are ready to hear about what you are up to!

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You are not doing this alone. Being part of our community means connecting with all entrepreneurs, even those who might be far beyond where you are now.  Experienced entrepreneurs are readily available to you to provide guidance and connection that can help take you to the next level.

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You can apply for a $500 – $2,500 grant. All we ask is that you stay engaged with the community and have some skin in the game. There is always some action you can take to move a venture forward. One of our grants could help you with a key growth initiative or start you on the pathway to a pre-seed or seed investment.

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This could be you.

Below are students who, just like you, pursued a bold idea that turned into something real. Take a minute to read how $500 – $2,500 grants helped 47 high school and college students, faculty, and alumni launch or grow their business.