Peyton Schrock

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Peyton Schrock, 18, is excited about Fortitude Fund mentors as he capitalizes on the Farm-to-Table trend. Peyton plans to supply farm customers with baby chicks and feed, then return with a mobile processing unit and onsite service to provide butcher fresh chicken, freezer-ready and vacuum sealed. Wise beyond his years, this LaGrange County entrepreneur is eager to help other young entrepreneurs with what he has learned.

Jordan Miller

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Jordan Miller, 19, watched his school nurse struggle to put on medical gloves. That’s how Donn-A-Glove was born. Jordan’s device autonomously mounts a pair of gloves and inflates them for the user to insert hands in a quicker and more sanitary way. This 3rd-place winner of Launch LaGrange is excited to join the Fortitude community as he continues to perfect and commercialize his invention.