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Grant Giszewski



$500 Grant Date

October 2018


Crafting promotional videos from sports to social media ads.

A freelance content creator from Indiana gone national.

In 2014, Grant Giszewski started building large followings on several social media accounts that he would sell to those looking to reach a broader audience. His knack for social media content creation led him to discover his passion for video creation.

Now, Grant runs his own freelance videography and photography business where he creates promotional videos for high school and professional sports teams and small businesses both locally and nationally.

Most of Grant’s followers know him for his content related to the University of Notre Dame football team. But his Instagram account, which boasts more than 8,000 followers, is full of videos from teams across the country.

While he posts videos on his own account, prominent sports players also post the videos on their own accounts to help hype up their fans and promote their teams.

With his grant from the Fortitude Fund, Grant was able to purchase updated equipment to increase the quality of his videos for his clients. Grant is now based in Los Angeles, but continues to film for teams locally and nationally.

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Business Updates

Creating Videos More Than a Hobby for Giszewski

Senior Grant Giszewski never planned on getting into creating videos on any serious level. But as life would have it, that’s the direction his life is heading.

While just sitting around one day over Thanksgiving Break in 2015, a Freshman Giszewski decided he was ready to start spending his time more efficiently which led him to creating a new email, creating a new Instagram account under the name @cleatsetc, and as he says “the rest is history.”

Student turning videos into gold

Today is the first of a series of stories that will highlight teens and twentysomethings who have started their own business.

The “Business Sense” series will focus primarily on entrepreneurs who have connected with established organizations that mentor or provide funding, including Junior Achievement and the Farnsworth Fund.

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