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Ratio Medical Technologies



$500 Grant Date

September 2018


An imaging processing platform that uses a proprietary algorithm to detect when a patient has moved to prevent falls.

Preventing patient falls. Maintaining patient privacy.

About 35% of post-acute care residents or nursing home residents have experienced a fall in their lifetime, which can be a scary occurrence for many. What if they can’t get up? What if no one knows they’ve fallen? What if they get hurt?

Without proper monitoring, these questions can cause anxiety for those prone to taking falls at inpatient care communities. The typical protocol ranges from nurse rounds, which can increase the time a patient is on the floor, to other devices such as bedside buttons, pressure mats, and motion detectors. Many of the solutions are either inaccurate, intrusive, or reliant on a patients’ ability to take action.

Logan Herald and his team at Ratio Medical Technologies have developed a proprietary image processing solution that will not only help nurses act quickly when a patient falls, but will also allow preemptive care to prevent falls altogether.

With this technology, nurses are notified immediately through in-house call systems, pagers units, smartphones, or smart watches, sometimes before a patient even falls. The technology effectively reduces fall risk and helps nurses care for patients who have already fallen more quickly and effectively.

Logan’s team planned to use their Fortitude Fund grant to cover the cost of the patent filing process.

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