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Huntington County
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January 2019


Using the stories of confused college kids to encourage others that this confusing journey will pass and direction, sureness, and confidence will come.

Giving people hope to prosper and achieve in the face of adversity.

In high school, Jordan Page was one of 11 black students. He felt as if he didn’t fit in with anyone because of his race, and his schoolwork, relationships, and confidence suffered.

When he started college, however, he found a way to overcome his personal adversities by connecting with like-minded people. Once he found Jordan found his confidence, his apparel line, WordUp, started to gain national attention. He found success and confidence.

Now, Jordan hopes to equip others facing inequality with the resources to overcome their personal barriers, increasing their confidence and helping them to achieve success.

He’s sending this message of hope through Tillman Magazine.

Jordan created Tillman Magazine specifically to help Confused College Kids understand their struggles and how to face them. He uses personal student stories to teach lessons of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity.

The first issue of Tillman Magazine is finished and awaiting print. Through WordUp sales, Jordan has already amassed a 400-person mailing list and has over 200 Tillman followers on social media.

Jordan and his team – designer Nicole Dean and editor Madison Page – hope to see Tillman become a nationally recognized publication. Ultimately, Jordan would like to model is after the learning and luxury roots of JET Magazine.

With help from a micro-grant from Fortitude Fund, Jordan will be able to send the first issue of the magazine to print. Next steps? Take over the magazine world.

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