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Entrepreneurial Talent Scouts Supporting High Growth and Quality-of-Place Entrepreneurs in Northeast Indiana with Community, Connections, and Money.

Becoming an entrepreneur takes Grit, Guts, Heart, and Faith.

We see dreamers, builders, and doers like you who need the right resources to bring your ideas to life. The Fortitude Fund was created so we could start investing in people like you. Our goal is to create an entrepreneurial culture in northeast Indiana that welcomes new ideas and encourages you to dream bigger.

You bring your guts and your ideas, and we’ll make a $1,000 bet to help you make it a reality.

Welcome to the Fortitude Fund, where your idea could be the best idea yet.

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Fortitude Fund 2.0 is Even More Purposeful

We’re making it cool to be an entrepreneur in Northeast Indiana by elevating their fundamental character traits: Grit, Guts, Heart, and Faith


Entrepreneurs who will persevere in the face of setbacks.


Entrepreneurs with enthusiasm and energy for their quest.


Entrepreneurs with courage to venture where no one else has tried.


Entrepreneurs who believe in something larger than themselves.

What is the Fortitude Fund?


Meet and connect with peers online and at events throughout the Northeast Indiana region, including quarterly Fortitude Fund Socials. Make new friends with people who, just like you, are bringing something new to the world.

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Connect with other entrepreneurs who are willing to share their experiences with you. We’ll help make the right introductions and you can also network at our events.

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You can apply for a no-strings-attached $1,000 and $2,500 grants. All we ask is that you stay in touch. It’s not a huge amount, but could help you with a key growth initiative or start you on the pathway to a pre-seed or seed investment.

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Get Connected

Take the Quiz

Have some fun and take the Fortitude quiz to see what kind of entrepreneur you are. We promise that it’s not a school kind of quiz!

Meet People Like You

It’s like magic when the room fills with bold innovators who are all used to fighting off the unbelievers and haters. Ideas flow, collaborations form, and energy pops.

Get Money and Support

We offer $1,000-$2,500 grant to get you started or propel you on the path to a pre-seed or even a seed investment.

Over 200 grants awarded in our first two years

You can start a business in Northeast Indiana right now. Don't let "conventional wisdom" or the naysayers stop you!

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Learn about Fortitude

The Fortitude Fund is more than grants. We're a community of people just like you building something different right now!

About Us
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