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Stash Duell


November 2018

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August 2019


Using social interest and interactions to gamify the banking process.

Incentivizing people to develop a savings plan for the future.

Daniel King is familiar with the process of saving money. He kept a strict budget and savings plan for himself, but often saw his friends struggling to develop savings for the future.

Beyond that, many people in America are just a few paychecks away from financial ruin. 

Daniel decided to do something to make saving money more appealing for his friends and the millions of Americans struggling to create and maintain emergency funds.

Stash Duell is a mobile app that will gamify the banking process. Its goal is to use social interest and interactions to incentivize users to save for future emergencies. Users will earn tokens for saving money and have the opportunity to win money through the app by engaging in age-appropriate financial activities.

Daniel recognized the need for a service like Stash Duell especially for Millennials and Gen-Zers who are facing the rising costs of schooling and living in America. Because of this, Stash Duell will focus on helping these generations save for their futures.

The company has been backed and created by individuals who are passionate about the project. Each part of the 8-person team has had personal experiences with the obstacles many people face when it comes to saving money.

So far, the Stash Duell team has developed a beta version of the app and hope to gather more customer feedback to help them create the most effective (and fun) app money-saving app possible.

Thinking toward the future, Daniel hopes to see the app being used globally. He also wanted to gamify more financial processes, like paying off loans and everyday budgeting.

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