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September 2018


Allowing creators to share their works with the world via audiobooks, podcasts, and other software development services

Consistently high-quality audiobooks and podcasts.

3r Interactive started in 2015 as a firm focus on helping creators launch their own audiobooks as this industry was growing rapidly. After a few years, they realized they needed a recording booth that could deliver consistently high-quality sound without breaking the bank.

Jay Johns, the founder of 3r Interactive applied for the Fortitude Fund in 2018 and received a $1,000 grant to help secure a recording booth. Now, Jay and his team have expanded 3r Interactive into two branches: Software Development and Tech Strategy.

The Software Development side still focuses on audiobooks with additional offerings, including podcasts, games, mobile apps, and books. Their clients range from author and Indiana native, J. W. Vohs, to The Point 91 FM.

Their Tech Strategy services launched on January 1, 2020. This new division of 3r Interactive offers technology support for non-technical business owners in the form of an on-demand, part-time chief technical officer.

This division focuses on guidance for technology projects, enhancing pitch decks, and preparing technology companies and projects for venture capital. Jay and his team primarily work with startups, mid-sized businesses, and investors.

Ultimately, 3r Interactive serves the purposes of reducing miscommunication between companies and their software developers and also helps bring interactive experiences to life through mobile apps and audiobooks.

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