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Art that supports dreams, happiness, and well-being.

Davonta Beckham is a marketer by trade but an artist at heart.

His journey as a visual artist began as a way for him to turn his thoughts, his ideas, and his questions into something more tangible and real. Davonta wanted to find a way to visualize his ideas through art all his own. This has led him to create four characters that can represent some of his more abstract questions and thoughts.

Although his art started as a way to help him navigate his own life, he soon recognized that he wanted to use his characters for a larger purpose.

When Davonta started Art of Beckham, his visual arts business, he knew that it needed to be something bigger than himself. To him, the purpose of his art business has always been to relate to others through his art. His ultimate goal has been to help others see life in meaningful ways through his characters Idea, Dream, Knox the Box, and The Frosters.

Davonta wants to communicate the truth that people already have inside of them.

Davonta is so passionate about using art as a way of understanding the world that he is in the process of writing and illustrating a children’s book featuring Idea, Dream, and the concept of flight. He hopes the book is able to tell an impactful story for children through the language of Art of Beckham.

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Chasing a dream? Art of Beckham draws on the power of ideas

Davonta Beckham stands in front of a crowd at TedxFortWayne in March.

At 23-years-old, he’s tall and thin with a friendly demeanor. He’s wearing khakis, and a blue button-down shirt with a green cardigan over it. He’s talking to the crowd about the power of imagination.

“For a moment, I’d like to ask you to close your eyes and imagine yourself as a child,” Beckham says.

‘Young Entrepreneur’ of the month: Davonta Beckham

Each month, ABC 21 partners with Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana to showcase ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ in our area.

For November, we introduced Davonta Beckham, 23, a student at Indiana Tech. His business is called Art of Beckham.

Davonta became an artist at a young age. It started as a hobby, but then became something more.

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