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Allen County
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RaJean Beauty


December 2017

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August 2018


An online, natural skincare boutique, specializing in scented Shea butters, body oils and natural sugar/salt scrubs.

A company for the freedom, wellness, and empowerment of women of color.

When Megan Seard began creating her own bath and body products, she realized the importance of empowering Black women to not only feel beautiful and pampered on the outside but also to be able to find sisterhood and fulfillment.

In addition to being an all-natural skincare brand, RaJean Beauty, Megan’s business, strives to become a company that partners with other businesses, groups, and organizations to promote/provide seminars, conventions, training, and mentorships for women and young girls of color while simply doing what they love anyway: Pampering themselves.

The goal of pampering for ReJean beauty comes easily and naturally through Megan’s product offerings. The company offers shea butter, hair and beard oil, sugar scrubs, and facial bars in scents ranging from caramel apple pie to black lily to blueberry vanilla. They even offer unscented options for those with more sensitive skin.

According to RaJean Beauty’s website,  Megan, after she would apply RaJean Beauty to her own body, said she would often find herself “choosing to just pause, and embrace myself with a pure love. Just to appreciate the beauty within myself and even that I would see, but often ignored, in my own mirror. I want, I need for that to be the experience for every person RaJean may touch. I want to encourage each and every one of them to fill spaces with beauty, with peace and the serenity I feel, when using these products. I choose to create each product with that perspective clearly in mind.”

Since receiving her Fortitude Fund grant, Megan has relocated RaJean Beauty to Cincinnati, where she continues to carry out many of the goals she originally set for her business in 2018 when she received her grant.

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