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BANAH Curl Reconstruction


September 2018

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September 2018


To allow people to embrace their curly hair and undo the damage done by heat styling.

Rebuild, Reconstruct and Restore.

Janae Hargrett was born with naturally curly hair and, like many others, grew up treating and taming it with harsh chemicals and high levels of heat. Eventually, her hair became so damaged that it lost its curl pattern, leaving it nearly impossible for her to embrace her natural hair.

Because of her passion for hair care, especially for other people with curly hair like herself, Janae became a licensed cosmetologist and created Curl Creation Salon. Her specialty is working with curly hair

Her focus is not only ensuring and taking care of the health of her clients’ hair, but she also wants people to leave her salon feeling confident and better educated about their hair, empowering them to embrace their natural curls.

Part of this pursuit was creating her own all-natural product for curly hair. BANAH Curl reconstruction system helps stimulate blood circulation and hair growth, while it helps to build elasticity for your curl type.

Ultimately, Janae hopes to continue to empower her fellow curly-haired people to take care of their hair, embrace their natural beauty, and feel confident in their own skin.

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