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Glam Studio Beauty


December 2018

$500 Grant Date

September 2018


A full-service beauty studio that offers hair bundles, lash extensions, and more.

Top-quality glam in Fort Wayne.

What began as a haircare company soon blossomed into a full-service beauty studio in Fort Wayne. Whitney Wright started Glam Strands as a company dedicated to providing and caring for top-quality virgin hair extensions. Now, she’s expanded it to so much more.

For two years, Whitney sold hair extensions and high-quality hair care products through an online store. In March 2018, she was able to open her first storefront as Glam Strands in Fort Wayne. As time went on, Whitney was able to expand her business to not only include more products but to also offer a wide variety of beauty services.

Glam Strands was rebranded to Glam Studio Beauty, and now offers services such as waxing, eyebrow tinting and shaping, eyelash extensions, and more and sells makeup, haircare, and clothing from their online storefront.

Although the focus of Glam Studio Beauty has expanded, Whitney has kept a key component of the company alive and well and still includes hair extensions and wigs on her online store.

Whitney eventually hopes to expand Glam Studio Beauty’s physical reach to Indianapolis and Miami.

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