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Sample Snap



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September 2018


A personal device app for interior designers to order material samples from all manufacturers in one place.

The easy way to order samples.

On average, interior designers spend about $16.50 each time they need to order samples. It’s a time-consuming process that can get tricky to track, increasing the likelihood of human error and samples getting lost in the mail.

Melissa Hall knows this struggle firsthand. Prior to developing Sample Snap, she had been a commercial interior designer with 21 years of experience in the field. She knew that she was uniquely qualified to develop a solution for interior designers that didn’t involve hauling around binders, emailing separate manufacturers, and tracking shipments.


Melissa began developing Sample Snap, an app that streamlines the process of ordering samples for both interior designers, in 2014. The app will effectively allow users to choose a sample straight from the sample books in their libraries with just a few clicks on a smartphone. 


Users simply search their sample library, scan the QR code provided, and receive the samples at their doorsteps. The streamlined process eliminates human error that can sometimes be involved in a tedious process, helps interior designers regain billable hours in their day, and save samples they like for later.


Melissa’s goal for the Fortitude Fund grant was to be able to travel to Georgia and Chicago to gauge interest from manufacturers who would fuel the sample fulfillment process within the app. From there, she hopes to begin developing Sample Snap’s app.

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