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A full-service representation firm who serves WNBA and FIBA athletes from contract negotiation to post-career planning.

Foundation. Elevation. Success.

Capture Sports Agency is committed to the holistic well-being of every athlete they serve. Although they are a Fort Wayne-based agency, Capture Sports serves WNBA and FIBA athletes from all over the country, no matter where they’re at in their career.

Chauntiel Smith-Jones, the president, founder, and CEO of Capture Sports Agency has experience in representing WNBA ( Women’s National Basketball Association), FIBA (Federal International Basketball Association), and WKBL (Women’s Korean Basketball League) athletes. She built CSA with the specific goal of helping athletes in the Fort Wayne community grow and chase their dreams of becoming professional athletes.

The three pillars of CSA are the foundation, elevation, and success. First, Chauntiel and her team build relationships with each client on an individual basis, meeting them where they are. They then uplift and support each client to reach new opportunities. Once the foundation is established and opportunities are obtained, CSA sees their clients through achievement and success.

Meeting clients where they are means that CSA provides a wide range of services from brand development and contract negotiation to business management and athletic endorsements to post-career strategic planning.

Chauntiel and her team currently represent four athletes who play all over the world. They hope to continue their mission to enhance the opportunities for athletes to grow and develop through meaningful and strategic partnership and inspirational community engagement.

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Business Updates

REGGIE HAYES: Former South Side High School and Indiana Tech athlete Chauntiel Smith charges into male-dominated sports agent career

Fearless was the first word that came to mind when I met Chauntiel Smith.

It’s a sports trait, ingrained over the years as she excelled at South Side High School and then became an NAIA championship track-and-field athlete at Indiana Tech. The best athletes have it, this willingness to forge ahead, undeterred by the odds or outsiders’ doubts.

From college athlete to agent: This Fort Wayne entrepreneur is making her mark on the sports world

A Fort Wayne-based sports agency is capturing global attention and clientele thanks to the bold vision of its founder.

Capture Sports Agency is the brainchild of entrepreneur and Fortitude Fund founder Chauntiel Smith. The full-service firm works with athletes on a personal level to assist with contract negotiations, financial planning, community engagement, public speaking opportunities, and more.

Chauntiel Smith-Jones on Building Capture Sports Agency

On the 160th episode of Listen In With KNN on Fox Sports 1340AM, host Kelsey Nicole Nelson welcomed WNBA and FIBA Sports Agent from Capture Sports Agency Chauntiel Smith-Jones to the show.

Speaking of her journey, she was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana and started playing basketball at a young age. Smith-Jones would play in middle school and high school while running track at the same time. She had dreams of becoming a WNBA player but got a scholarship to run track at Indiana Tech and that’s where she found her true passion.

On the Beat With Chauntiel Smith-Jones of the Capture Sports Agency

Last Friday, I interviewed Chauntiel Smith-Jones, President and CEO of the Capture Sports Agency for Smith-Jones had an interesting path on her way to founding the sports agency and her future looks just as fascinating.

Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Smith-Jones once had dreams of a career in the WNBA. When she decided that was not going to happen, despite her being an excellent athlete, she turned her focus to the related field of representing athletes.

Chauntiel Smith-Jones charts own path in tough world of sports agency

Capture Sports Agency is taking Fort Wayne by storm, led by the talented and effervescent Chauntiel Smith-Jones, whose heart for sports is exceeded only by her love of people.

A South Side High School graduate, Smith-Jones earned a bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in sports management from Indiana Tech. She participated in the Sport Management Society and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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