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Highly affordable online gaming servers for our customers to enjoy constant support and high-quality services.

“For Gamers By Gamers”

It all began in December of 2016.

Gamers often need third-party servers to play online video games with their friends. Games. Blake Webb was looking for a server hosting provider that could host Garry’s Mod, an online physics game that he was hoping to play with his friend. He found that all the server providers he found were either too expensive or low quality.

After jumping from host to host, Blake realized that he could create a service of my own to host for him and his friends. This server would include affordable, high-quality gaming services, something much different than what was on the market at the time.

After running his idea past fellow gamer friends, Blake began looking over data-centers, server requirements, software, website, and more that went into creating an online server. After several months of planning, Konnect Hosting was born.

The first prototype of Konnect Hosting only ran Garry’s Mod and used basic programming software. Now, the service runs on more professional software to ensure a high-quality gaming experience.

Now, Konnect Hosting has over 100 customers and growing. By the end of this year, Blake hopes to grow his customer base by rolling out new services, like file backups and web hosting.

As a long-term goal, Blake sees Konnect Hosting going national. The company already opened a data center in Saint Louis, Mo. and hopes to open other centers in Dallas, Seattle, and Indianapolis in the next three to five years.

For now, Blake will finish his senior year of high school as he looks to the future of his company.

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Business Updates

DeKalb teen gets business boost, Fortitude grant part of entrepreneur effort

The Fortitude Fund was focused on 50.

Organizers hoped to award 50 grants of $1,000 each to local entrepreneurs during the fund’s first year. They kicked off the program in May 2018 by making five grants and soliciting applications for more.

The region’s entrepreneurs responded … and responded … and responded.

Teens show off innovation, Area students among teams pitching ideas in statewide contest

Blake Webb is exploring varied revenue streams, too. The DeKalb High School senior owns DeKalb Computer Clinic, a repair service Webb started about a year ago.

He gained some know-how after internships with a similar business and is now interning in the IT department for a major Auburn-area health care provider.

“I’ve always looked at computers and (I’ve been) taking them apart since I was young,” said Webb, who also can remove computer viruses.

“Young Entrepreneur” of the month: Blake Webb

Each month, ABC 21 partners with Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana to showcase “Young Entrepreneurs” in our area.

For August, we introduced Blake Webb, 18, and his businesses: DeKalb Computer Clinic and Konnect Hosting.

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