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Chow Down


June 2019

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May 2019


Chow Down tacos are a new experience of the food you already love. Using delicious ingredients and our West Coast experience, we create the tacos of your dreams.

Everyone loves tacos. You love Korean food too, you just don’t know it yet.

Edwin Chow has taken the food truck community by storm. His approach to food is simple: Take vanilla ice cream and put some sprinkles on top. But instead, he’s taken the traditional taco and created tangy, saucy, and delicious Korean fusion food.

Chow Down will first and foremost serve delicious and original recipes, from Kimchi Queso to Korean BBQ Chicken Tacos to mochi ice cream balls. Edwin’s recipes employ the punchy flavors of mango salsa, pickled jalapenos, avocado, and more.

The standout item on Chow Down’s menu is easily their house-made Chow Down Sauce – represented by their mascot, Mr. Saucy – their signature orange sauce is a creamy sweet sauce with a small kick to keep things interesting.

More than their food, Chow Down will serve as a space of community for young adults in Fort Wayne.

To facilitate community, Edwin hopes that people come for the food and stay for the fun and games, including volleyball tournaments, Spikeball events, and soccer games.

The greater goal for Chow Down is to facilitate conversation among young people outside of social media, generating a diverse and organic community to keep young people in Fort Wayne. Edwin and his business partner, Hannah Britton, hope that the future of Chow Down contributes to the positive growth of the Fort Wayne community.

The Chow Down food truck launched on June 5, 2019 and will continue its tour of the Fort Wayne area, creating a space for incredible food and even better conversation.

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Business Updates

HU alumni open food truck

Two Huntington University alumni have started their own food truck business, which aims to build community through their food.

Edwin Chow, the owner of Chow Down, and Hannah Britton, the general manager, are dishing out Korean tacos, loaded nachos, and other creations from the Chow Down Food Truck. The truck serves the greater Fort Wayne area including Huntington, Warsaw, and Columbia City.

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