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S.B. Carper


May 2017

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June 2018


All-natural luxury goods and accessories.

Luxury products committed to social and environmental responsibility. 

S.B. Carper provides luxury goods, menswear, and fragrance to customers while keeping in mind the impact they can have on the environment and the community.

Ben Fair founded S.B. Carper to share his passion for sustainable luxury items such as soaps, jewelry, and high-end men’s clothing with the world. But he also wanted his company to make an even greater impact.

Ben makes a point to donate a portion of profits from S.B. Carper to Blue Jacket to further their mission of empowering disadvantaged individuals through professional job training and job placement. He and the company also supports Remedy Live and their mission inside schools across the Midwest, as well as the Preemptive Love Coalition in their global mission against poverty.

In addition to his all-natural products and menswear, Ben hopes to expand S.B. Carper to include a fragrance he is creating. With the help of the Fortitude Fund, Ben is able to get this process started!

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