Featured Founders

Davonta Beckham

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Davonta Beckham – The Art of Beckham

As an artist, illustrator, and creator, Davonta Beckham discovered that by creating visual art that support dreams, happiness, and well-being could leave a lasting impact on the world. Through his venture The Art of Beckham, Davonta hopes to inspire and challenge through art, storytelling, and imagination. A micro-grant can help him complete the formation of an LLC, further his line of products, and begin exploring publication for his first children’s book, If You Know You Could Fly.

Robert Johnson

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After his success with Crossroads Kombucha, Robert Johnson decided to tap into a venture that hasn’t quite been explored in our region yet: sparkling water. Inspired by the culture and flavors around the world, he hopes to create three unique flavors of sparkling water. Through a grant from Fortitude, Robert can purchase the brite tanks he needs for quick carbonation, allowing him to create a quick-to-market product.

Tommy Cutter

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Tommy Cutter, along with his business partner Shruti Sharma, created Sustainable Thinkers to help promote and sell sustainable products from up and coming businesses. The e-commerce website will sell goods that promote positive change, like reducing plastic pollution, fair trade transparency, abstaining from the use of animal testing, and more. Using the micro-grant from Fortitude, they can buy products from reputable companies and invest in social media advertising.

Matt Siri

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As someone who loves to learn, invent, and build, Matt (24) recognized that Fort Wayne needed a well-equipped and staffed research lab for people like to him to bring their ideas and concepts to life. Whether it’s electrical, engineering, or technological, the research lab would give students and companies a place to work on projects. Through the Fortitude Fund, Matt can purchase equipment, advertise the program, attract clients, and maybe even begin the first research project.

Kurt Roembke

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As an arts entrepreneur, Kurt (26) created SoundWalk–a mobile app that gives listeners an immersive audio experience as they walk through public spaces. Artists compose music or narratives that are geotagged on a map within the app, allowing the listener to experience unique art of various kinds produced for wherever they are. Using the micro-grant, Kurt will be able to fund at least one fictional narrative production, geotagged locally in Fort Wayne.