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Apollo Dynamics


July 2018

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May 2018


To provide the best quality solutions for healthcare providers dealing with human dynamic problems.

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A recovery solution that helps improve patients’ quality of life and saves costs on healthcare.

Under his company Apollo Dynamics, Kyle Craig created a software-driven medical product that will change the way patients recover from knee surgery.

The initial concept Kyle created for this device is vastly different from what it is now. His journey began with a wearable biokinetic device coupled with a SAAS product that would enable physical therapists, trainers, and research scientists to more accurately track body motion.

Now, the simplified device will serve as a recovery tool for knee surgery patients and their doctors and physical therapists.

The main difference between the original prototype and the final direction, Kyle says, is that the new product has fewer sensors and a new purpose.

Now, the simplified device will serve as a recovery tool for knee surgery patients.

When pitching his idea to investors, Kyle was encouraged to use the same technology from his original prototype to take hold of the surgery recovery industry. The new product looks largely the same: It helps doctors and physical therapists more accurately track the motion and recovery process for knee surgery patients.

The product is in its final development stages, and Kyle is hoping to release his first commercial product in May 2019 through Apollo Dynamics. The final wearable recovery device will be completed in 2020

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