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Kandy Kurves Boutique


October 2018

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January 2019


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Classic. Comfortable. Quality. Affordable.

These are all words that are missing from the plus-size clothing market. Shaneshia Rogan, the owner of Kandy Kurves Boutique, wants to change the face of plus-size clothing for good.

Shaneshia created Kandy Kurves boutique because she recognized the struggles that many women face when shopping for plus-sized clothes. Not only is plus-size clothing often more expensive, but it also lacks sizes that are inclusive for all body types.

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Shopping for clothes is especially hard for young women between the ages of 20 and 40. Plus-sized clothing is often trendy and caters to teenagers, or neutral and caters to middle-aged women. There are sparse options for professional women who prefer classic styles in the plus-size clothing category.

Kandy Kurves Boutique offers a solution.

Shaneshia has worked hard to gather plus-sized clothing options that are classic, comfortable, high quality, and age appropriate. But most importantly, Shaneshia has made sure that everything that Kandy Kurves Boutique offers is affordable and accessible to the everyday woman.

With her niche market focus, Shaneshia has been able to secure consistent sales from Kandy Kurve Boutique’s social media sites. A selection of plus-sized clothing is not available through Kandy Kurve Boutique’s new e-commerce site, as well.

Shaneshia’s ultimate goal is to go global with Kandy Kurves Boutique and create her own plus-sized, women’s clothing line. Until then, she is working to reach local and national customers, helping women feel beautiful, comfortable, and classic with each sale.

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