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July 2019


Providing quality music and events of all genres and opportunities for aspiring musicians, DJs, and artists in the greater Fort Wayne area.

Our people and our ideas flourishing in our community.

Jamaris Tubbs has been a long-time advocate of rooting and growing creativity in Fort Wayne. His own music career has flourished here, and he wants to ensure artists in the community have the opportunities to take root as well.

YM3 Music Group began in 2017 as a way to nurture talent right here in Fort Wayne.

Through YM3 Music, Jamaris offers artist management to local talent. As an artist manager, YM3 takes care of everything a musician needs to succeed, including music production, tour planning and promotion, event bookings, and more.

YM3 Music works primarily in the jazz and R&B genres, but Jamaris has worked with clients who create and perform electronic, rock, and hip hop. 

Not only has Jamaris been in the same situation as the artists he manages, he has also gathered a large network of connections in the music industry. He is involved with Sony Music, and hopes his artists are eventually able to sign to large production companies like Sony and others.

The main goal of YM3 is to show young artists that they don’t have to move to places like LA or New York to follow their dreams in music. Jamaris has been a shining example to many young artists in Fort Wayne for years that, with the right opportunities, artists can build their career right here in Fort Wayne.

YM3 music is thriving to bring true creativity to the forefront of urban culture.

Jamaris is currently working with 3 clients on music production, tour management, and other duties of an artist manager. He hopes to expand his clientele to 10 local artists working under 3 managers (himself and two others yet to be hired).

Until then, Jamaris and YM3 music will continue to provide our artists and clients with promotion, direction, and opportunity that capitalize on quality and creativity right here in Fort Wayne.

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People ask Jamaris Earl Tubbs where he got his rap name, because it sounds made-in-a-lab perfect, like how Dr. Dre and Eminem mad science-d 50 Cent in that “In Da Club” video.  A rapper out in the universe, this one from the Atlanta South, has got to be named J. Tubbs.  “It’s just my name,” Tubbs laughed after he said it.

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