Cohort #4

Ciara Jiminez

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As a self-published author of two books and a long-time blogger, Ciara Jiminez is familiar with the process of writing and publishing a book. She wants to help people in their writing ventures by providing the editing, publishing, and marketing an up and coming author needs. With a micro-grant from Fortitude, Ciara can begin to launch the publishing process and help others achieve their writing dreams.

Janae Andrews

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Born with naturally curly hair, Janae Andrews was tired of using products that were damaging and excessively harsh on her hair. Not only was she losing the healthy look of her curls, the curl pattern itself was lost because of products that didn’t work and only damaged her hair. Janae created Banah Hair Care, a product line to help rebuild hair texture, reconstruct curl pattern, and restore curls to their glowing, healthy state. With the micro-grant, Janae can begin the process of attaining a provisional patent on her products.

Robert Johnson

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After his success with Crossroads Kombucha, Robert Johnson decided to tap into a venture that hasn’t quite been explored in our region yet: sparkling water. Inspired by the culture and flavors around the world, he hopes to create three unique flavors of sparkling water. Through a grant from Fortitude, Robert can purchase the brite tanks he needs for quick carbonation, allowing him to create a quick-to-market product.

TK Kelly

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Tom Kelly came up with the unique idea of creating a culinary, musical, and creative arts experience in an intimate environment. This exclusive experience will serve guests with a three-course meal while songwriters and artists share their work throughout an evening. With the micro-grant, Tom and his partner can invest in branding that will exemplify their unique and exclusive dining venture.

Logan Herald

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Logan Herald, along with two other Indiana Tech alumni, created technology that will, in the event of a fall, help acute care patients receive the help they need faster. Logan recognized that current technology does not help in the aid of patients quick enough, so he and his team created Ratio Medical to solve the problem. The micro-grant from Fortitude will allow Logan to fund a provisional patent for his product.

Whitney Wright

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Whitney Wright just opened Glam Studio after the success of her online store over the past two years. Her store specializes in virgin wigs and hair products specifically for virgin hair, which is unprocessed, non-dyed or permed, all-natural human hair. Using the micro-grant from Fortitude, Whitney will be able to purchase more product and inventory for her storefront and invest in marketing materials.

Albert Rettew

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Albert Rettew create PHAT Workshop as a content creation house that develops intellectual property in the form of a story through film. As the creative director, he guides a creative team to develop a story that is ready to be pitched to external investors, producers, distributors, and/or production companies. With a grant, Albert can begin the development of a website and begin the process to incorporate his business.

Dvonte Collins

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The need for a lockout service was apparent to Dvonte Collins when he realized how often he locked his own keys in his car. He started Collins Lockout Service six months ago, providing customers with emergency lockout services and jumpstarts in Fort Wayne. A micro-grant from Fortitude will allow Dvonte to purchase a key cutting machine, allowing him to serve his customers in more ways and assist him in growing his business.

Latoya Winston

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Sugar Me Soft was created by Latoya Winston after she came up with an all-natural, safe sugar scrub used for the hands, feet, face, and lips. While at cosmetology and esthetician school in Las Vegas, Latoya began the creation of her sugar scrub with the help of a teacher, who is also a chemist, who helped her develop the perfect scrub. Her sugar scrub is effective in scrubbing away dead skin cells, natural, and safe enough to eat. With the micro-grant from Fortitude, Latoya will update her product labels and bottles and begin legal documents for trademark and patent recipes.