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Allen County
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February 2018

$500 Grant Date

May 2018


A company that will promote collaboration on projects for young creatives throughout Fort Wayne.

Making the creative community bigger and stronger.

Sean Rassavong joined the Fortitude Fund community while a 17-year-old senior at New
Tech Academy high school. But, that doesn’t mean he is inexperienced. He has been working in filmmaking and video for seven years!

Sean is creating a production company, Vizion, built around a community of young, high school-age creatives.

Aside from creating a stronger creative community, Sean hopes to use Vizion to connect creatives to clients and gigs, something that can be difficult to do in the community.

Through Vizion, Sean hopes to enable those filmmakers, screenwriters, videographers, graphic designers, copywriters, actors, musicians, and others to stretch their creative wings and make money with their art.

Sean intends to use the Fortitude Fund grant for filmmaking equipment or supplies.