Matt Siri

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Kosciusko County
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Scientific research and development facility



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August 2018


A facility with high-tech equipment where students and other community members can learn about science and engineering through hands-on experiences with the help of industry professionals.

Matt Siri has a vision: Students doing real scientific work to solve real problems.

As a graduate student trained in both physics and electrical engineering, Matt knows the value of hands-on work, especially in scientific fields. During his undergraduate studies, Matt works in a physics lab to create test new theories. Surprisingly, his experience in the physics lab also taught him valuable lessons in electrical engineering.

The problem Matt faced in electrical engineering classes was their lecture-heavy, PowerPoint-ridden environments. He found that with hands-on experience in a physics lab, he was able to learn more about engineering than in an engineering classroom.

As a solution to the problem, Matt has conceived an idea for a research and development facility that will allow students to have that hands-on lab experience that was so valuable to him during his undergraduate studies.

Matt would like to ultimately see this facility become a place of collaboration and product development that allows students to learn from failure in order to achieve success.

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