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September 2016

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November 2019


An automated machine that makes putting on medical gloves quicker and more sanitary.

Time consuming and potentially unsanitary.

That’s what it’s like for medical professionals and food workers alike to put on latex gloves.

In high school, Jordan Miller watched his school nurse struggle to put on her medical gloves before treating a student. As a creative and solution-oriented thinker, he started to develop a way that would not only make the process easier and quicker, but how to build something that would be more sanitary to use on a daily basis.

The Donn-A-Glove machine will mount and open gloves automatically using coding and vacuums, allowing users to easily slide their hands in without touching the outside of the gloves at all.

Jordan’s vision is to have the glove box utilized in the medical and food industries. The primary benefits for these two industries would be 1) decreasing the time it takes to put a pair of gloves on, and 2) increasing the sanitation factor: users no longer would have to touch the gloves, drastically reducing the likelihood of a patient being exposed to something they shouldn’t.

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