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March 2019

Business Idea

Portable ice wraps that use personalized air compression to help reduce pain and benefit your recovery.

RICE recovery is a well-known term for medical professionals and student-athletes alike.

Wesley Gensch was a pitcher for Grace College’s baseball team. After an injury to his elbow, he began searching for effective products that allowed him to carry our the Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate (RICE) recovery process. But none of the products worked.

So Wesley went to Walmart, bought some supplies, and created a wearable compression device of his own. This was the first prototype for his business.

What started as a makeshift recovery solution for Wesley’s elbow injury is now CoolCorp, a full line of iced compression wraps that use 360-degree technology to treat surgical and other injury healing. The wraps are available for various upper- and lower-body injuries.

CoolCorp’s innovation is that it combines the “IC” portion of the RICE recovery program (ice and compression) in a way that allows users a wide degree of mobility. It was important for Wesley to create a product with no tubes attached to give patients a sense of autonomy post-injury.

Overall, the products offered by CoolCorp are meant to aid in recovery from surgery, athletic injuries, and day-to-day limb use. But Wesley has a larger vision for his company.

Ultimately, Wesley would like to see these products in every major hospital and being used by every professional affiliated sports team so that everyone can have access to the best and most efficient form of cryotherapy.

Welsey is planning to use his micro-grant from the Fortitude Fund to expand his product offering and continuing to grow his business.

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