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May 2019


To build the local community and create stable jobs for those with a passion for baking and creating.

Bread made with passion by The Guy. The Bread Guy, that is.

Zachary Halsema became The Bread Guy after his search to recreated his mother’s delicious sourdough bread.

Once Zachary finally found the perfect sourdough bread recipe, he began selling the warm deliciousness to his friends and coworkers. And his passion for baking grew from there.

For five years, The Guy (as he sometimes calls himself) researched the best pastry recipes and created a feast of croissants and breads of different flavors. For two years, he has been selling his pastries. In 2018, he opened his storefront in Markle, Ind. The Bread Guy, LLC was born.

After years of research, Zachary has created hand-rolled and -laminated, non-GMO whole wheat croissants that are enjoyed by the people of northeast Indiana.

Now, Zachary offers croissants for breakfast, lunch, and dessert. The Bread Guy’s menu includes almond croissants, chocolate croissants, almond chocolate croissants, and more.

But The Bread Guy’s specialty are his Croissant Pocket sandwiches, which are made by stuffing warm, buttery croissants with meats and cheeses, creating a savory, delicious lunch for his customers.

Zachary and his wife chose to build their business in the small town of Markle because they recognize the importance of community involvement. The Bread Guy, aside from being a source of Parisian pastries, is a source of community building and togetherness.

 Zachary hopes to grow his storefront to create stable jobs for those with a passion of baking and creating in the Markle community.

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Business Updates

Bakery and restaurant opens in downtown Markle

Lafayette native Zachary Halsema has lived in Markle the past three years, and about five months ago opened up “The Bread Guy,” a bakery and restaurant located downtown at 193 E. Morse St., in the All Your Expectations building.

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