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Allen County
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Hetty Arts Pastry

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January 2019


Create and offer exceptional pastries and sweets that are natural, made from scratch, and convey a sense of nostalgia.

These aren’t your typical pastries and sweets.

Every pastry and treat is a chance to create a memory.

For the past four years, Hetty Arts has been making unique, delicious treats from her pastry truck. She creates pastries and treats that bring joy, fun, and celebration to everyday life. From pastries, treats, and sweets to out-of-the-box orders and custom wedding cakes, Hetty’s intricate delicacies are sold every day from her truck and local merchants across Fort Wayne.

Her small business venture began in the midwest, where Hetty recognized her passion for running a pastry company. Fort Wayne was the natural place to begin, and Hetty Arts Pastry was born.

Before Hetty started her pastry truck, she challenged herself to pursue her passion and learn as much as she could. She attended culinary school in Cincinnati and worked alongside the best in New York City and Chicago. Her extensive experience in fine pastry gives her the creativity and skills to create pastries and treats that go above and beyond her competition.

Presenting pastry in unique ways is Hetty’s style, and her pastry truck is an extension of her creativity. As a Fortitude Founder, Hetty Arts is exemplifying the entrepreneurial spirit by doing what has never been done before in Fort Wayne.

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Business Updates

Hetty Arts Pastry – Fort Wayne’s latest Food Truck

Fort Wayne is home to some amazing food on wheels. From gourmet hot dogs and crab Rangoon pizza to pho, you can pretty much get it all….now including from scratch apple fritters, doughnuts and a variety of pastries. Behold the newest addition to Fort Wayne’s food truck fleet – Hetty Arts Pastry Truck!

CookSpring Shared Kitchen is Positively Fort Wayne

Sharing a commercial kitchen is paying off for some local food businesses. “This is kind of our hub where all the baking happens and where we get all the work done,” said Hetty Arts, owner of Hetty Arts Pastry.

Focused on the Fork: Hetty Arts Pastry

The hospital is probably not the first place you think about when it comes to food. But maybe it should be!

Hetty Arts Pastry just moved into the main dining area at Parkview Regional Medical Center. However, they’ve been in business for about 4 years now.

Hetty Arts Pastry offers donuts and other delectable desserts

From legendary donuts to artfully crafted wedding cakes, Hetty Arts has made a name for herself in Fort Wayne, with Hetty Arts Pastry. She is a trained pastry chef that chose to bring her business to the Midwest and in our case right here in Fort Wayne.

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