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January 2019


Help people celebrate and care for the ones they love from anywhere by sending a party in a box.

Everyone Loves a Party.

It’s a chance to connect, celebrate, and laugh with the ones you love. Leitia McHugh came up with the idea of sending small packages filled with delightful gifts and party-inspired products because she loves a great party. More importantly, she loves connecting people with the ones they love.

The Confetti Post started three years ago, and Leitia has seen incredible growth since she began. What began as a simple idea has flourished into a full-time business with a commercial location in Fort Wayne.

Each curated gift box has hand-picked, ethically made treasures to ensure the person you love feels valued, connected, and celebrated.

Since becoming a Fortitude Founder in January 2019, Leitia has done tremendous work and research to double the product offering of The Confetti Post.

Leitia’s desire for connecting others and celebrating those you love shows an initiative that is exemplary of the Fortitude Fund. As a Founder, she can continue growing her business, connecting with entrepreneurs like her, and flourishing in Fort Wayne.

As for the future, Leitia hopes to a completely customizable party box to The Confetti Post’s arsenal of gifts.

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Business Updates

Gift Deliveries You Can Order Before Valentine’s Day

We love a good heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift, but if you can’t be with your sweetheart on the big day, a delivery may be the way to go. We’ve rounded up our favorite gift deliveries so you can send your loved ones something special to let them know they’re on your mind.

Two entrepreneurs launch community-centric businesses in Fort Wayne’s up-and-coming ’05

When entrepreneurs Kylee Hays and Leitia (Lay-shuh) McHugh started looking for a shared location for their two, growing businesses, they knew what they wanted to find.

Hays wanted an open space to host events, while McHugh desired a space with natural light that was close to home to accommodate her family.

Central graduate’s business gets quick success

Inspiration struck Leitia McHugh after her daughter’s first birthday party.

As streamers were taken down, balloons deflated and the festivities came to a close, she already was planning for next year. Then it hit her. She loved throwing parties, and she wanted to share that love with others. Why did she have to limit party planning to once, maybe twice a year?

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