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Jay Carroll Repairs


December 2017

$500 Grant Date

September 2018


A stringed instrument repair shop on the southeast side of Fort Wayne.

Serving the community through strings.

As a repair technician at Guitar Center, Jay Carroll realized the immense need for instrument repair shops on the southeast side of Fort Wayne, a generally underserved area of the community. He started Jay Carroll repair in December 2017 out of his home hoping to accomplish several goals.

First, he wanted to ensure that people had a place to repair their stringed instruments that was easily accessible and affordable. Second, he wanted to give seminars on instrument maintenance for preventative care.

Lastly, Jay wanted to collect and restore instruments and provide them at no cost to students on the South side of Fort Wayne, making it more accessible for underserved students to discover and develop a passion for music.

Now, Jay is working with fellow technician, Nick Meade, at City Strings Repair shop in downtown Fort Wayne. Together, they provide quality service and maintenance for guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele.

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