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Fortitude Fund is proud to partner with Dekalb County entrepreneurs

because becoming an entrepreneur takes guts, ideas, and money.

We see dreamers, builders, and doers like you who need the right resources to bring your ideas to life. The Fortitude Fund was created so we could start investing in people like you. Our goal is to create a entrepreneurial culture in northeast Indiana that welcomes new ideas and encourages you to dream bigger. Our soil is ready for growth, and we think you can make it happen.

You bring your guts and your ideas, and we’ll make a $1,000 bet to help you make it a reality.

Welcome to the Fortitude Fund, where your idea could be the best idea yet.

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Resources & Partnerships

Below are organizations and resources for entrepreneurs in Dekalb County!

News and Blogs

Dekalb News + BlogsNews
January 17, 2019

Fresh Food Hub upgrading kitchen

Fresh Food Hub upgrading kitchen Doug LeDuc | KPC News January 9th, 2019AUBURN — Denise Hoff, founder of Fresh Food Hub at 212 N. Main St., Auburn, described her business in…