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Gaviotas Mexican Restaurant



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September 2019


Promoting Mexican culture and gastronomy through authentic Mexican cuisine and community enrichment events.

Coming soon to Garrett’s restaurant scene: Authentic Mexican food that makes you feel right at home.

Arya Aguirre is passionate about promoting Spanish culture in her community. So passionate that she’s opening a business dedicated to educating her community about gastronomy (exploring the relationship between food and culture) related to Mexican culture for people of all ages.

Gaviotas Mexican Restaurant is going to be a hybrid educational and foodservice establishment. At their core, the goal of Gaviotas is to make everyone in the community feel like they stepped into the home of her own family – a family that is proud to share their heritage.

Gaviotas will serve delicious and authentic Mexican food made by their head chef who has over 30 years of experience creating mouthwatering dishes. Their stellar menu will be available to enjoy on Fridays and Saturdays every week.

The remainder of the week (Monday through Thursday) will be filled with community enrichment programs, including Spanish language classes, storytimes in both Spanish and English, and other cultural education classes. Gaviotas will offer euchre and board games for seniors on Sunday afternoons.

Educating the Garrett community about gastronomy and Mexican culture.

Although Gaviotas hasn’t opened yet, they already have big plans for the future. One of their goals is to be able to cater to factories in the area during lunchtime, bringing Mexican culture, through food and education, to even more of the community.

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