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HK Manufacturing



$500 Grant Date

February 2021


To offer unparalleled customer service and create opportunities for disadvantaged and second-chance individuals in the community through providing and processing steel products for multiple applications as a female-owned, certified DBE business.

For the Customer, for the Community.

Working in family-owned businesses since she was young, Michelle Kruse knows how to navigate the entrepreneur environment. Michelle combined years of experience working and consulting in the steel industry with her early business background to form HK Manufacturing in 2018.
While she consulted for various companies in the steel industry, clients encouraged Michelle to start her own business. Her customers loved the results she provided and her phenomenal customer service.

Developing relationships with customers has always been important to Michelle. As she leads HK Manufacturing, she also prioritizes relationships with her workers. One of her main goals is to provide working opportunities to disadvantaged and second-chance individuals in her community. In addition, Michelle will continue to offer unparalleled customer service and full traceability on all domestic products.

Now, as a female-owned, certified DBE business, HK Manufacturing provides and processes steel products for multiple applications, especially for state DOT projects. They currently receive orders from numerous accounts and are actively expanding their client base.

In addition, Michelle is securing funding to build her own manufacturing site. Her $500 grant will help her develop a business plan for investors as well as preliminary site plans as she moves toward operating at full capacity.

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