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August 2020


An accounting, record-keeping, and productivity-tracking app for the agriculture industry.

Farm accounting isn’t easy…yet.

Traction Ag, launching in late 2020, will provide a streamlined, automated solution with actionable results that makes sense for farmers.

The farm management web app not only provides real-time bank integration but also includes dynamic ways for farm owners to track the productivity of employees, making each farm a more productive business.

Ian Harley, the CEO of Traction Ag, has been working in the ag-tech industry for over 25 years. He and his partners, Scott Nusbaum and Brian Stark, have also worked on other agricultural ventures, including Farm Works and Trimble.

It was important for Ian’s next venture to be something dynamic and automated, allowing farmers to save time on managing finances and keep track of employee productivity so they can continue providing a positive, productive workplace for both their business and their employees.

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