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Special items that last lifetimes for people who have enough disposable items in their lives.

Unique items to treasure for lifetimes.

Jason Rohrbach started selling and servicing antique clocks out of his home as a hobby. It was classy and professional, but a part-time passion project nonetheless. Little did he know that hundreds of people were looking for antique clocks and repairs.

His business grew into something that required more time than what he was giving, so Jason had to make a decision. He could stay in the construction engineering industry or run his business full time.

In the summer of 2019, Jason gave notice as his job and opened a storefront in downtown Auburn called Heirloom, where he now sells and services mechanical clocks full-time.

The name Heirloom comes from the idea that people are tired of the disposable items in their lives. They look for special items that can be enjoyed for years to come and can be passed down from one generation to the next. Heirlooms.

In addition to antique clocks, Jason has also diversified his offerings by including a gallery space for consignment pieces by local artisans.

Through his unique collection of offerings, Jason hopes to have a positive impact on the Auburn community. He brings a knowledge and ability to repair antique clocks (a skill hard to find in the area) and a love for art that he hopes will ignite passion in others.

Heirloom is supported by many businesses local to Auburn as a new venture in the area, and the specialty pieces offered here are already loved by hundreds.

In the future, Jason hopes to grow his community impact and add more employees to elevate experiences for his customers.

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