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High Point Ready


October 2018

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May 2019


A monthly subscription box for the all-around horse and rider.

Practical products for horse crazy girls who have horses and show them.

Jackie Hook started riding horses at age 7 and never turned back. Her passion for horses and horse shows brought her to intern at the American Paint Horse Association in college and to volunteer at horse shows in DeKalb County.

Most of all, her passion for horses helped her create High Point Ready, a monthly subscription box for the all-around horse and rider.

Jackie attended the 10X Growth Conference in 2018 and learned about the power of subscription boxes. What started out as a snack box turned into something she’s much more passionate about: Curating practical, useful, high-quality horse show ring items for horses and their riders.

High Point Ready allows riders to focus on what really matters: Showing their horses and keeping them happy, healthy, and ready to compete.

The box provides the basics, including tack items, recovery products, and leg protection, general wellness items, and more. Each of these items is hand-picked by Jackie, who ensure that the products are effective and high-quality, making show prep a cinch.

Since High Point Ready was founded in October 2018, subscribers to the service have doubled, and Jackie hasn’t lost a single subscriber yet. This speaks to the practicality and effectiveness of the items in each box, which range from well-known name brands to up-and-comers in the horse show consumer market.

With her $1,000 grant from the Fortitude Fund, Jackie wants to hire an intern who is passionate about horses and social media. The goal is to increase High Point Ready’s online presence through social media marketing and YouTube videos that showcase the products in each box.

In the long-term, Jackie wants to High Point Ready to have a manufacturing warehouse in DeKalb County, bringing employment to the area.

Eventually, she hopes that High Point Ready can become a nationally and globally recognized subscription box that is a reliable and credible source of consumer products for those in the horse show community.

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