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May 2019


An easier way to create stylish, adaptable, comfortable office furniture.

“Like the legos of office furniture.”

Brandon Heal started engineering, prototyping, and perfecting a better way to create sleek and easy-to-assemble office furniture in 2015. In 2017, he launched the world’s only 100% tool-less office furniture.

Modifi office furniture is made with heavy-duty suction cups instead of traditional reinforcements like screws, nuts, and bolts.

The Modifi building process looks different than a traditional furniture building process in many ways. Perhaps most importantly, the suction cups allow you to save time and money: No tools are required, you don’t have to pay a middle man, and huge desks can take as little as five minutes to assemble yourself.

The unique process Brandon has developed also allows for a more customizable workspace. With easy assembly and disassembly, rearranging the office has never been easier. Your office space can grow and downsize as needed – all with zero tools involved.

Modifi’s line currently includes desks, tables, and storage units. Eventually, Brandon would like to expand their offerings to encompass rolling seating, lounge and guest seating, cubicle dividers, and more.

Brandon’s ultimate goal of expanding Modifi’s product offering will be realized with the help of investors like the Fortitude Fund. In fact, Brandon is planning on using his $1,000 grant from the Fund to develop new and innovative product ideas that will make office life that much easier.

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