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LoneStarHoosier Winery LLC



$500 Grant Date

March 2021


A small-batch, handcrafted, unique rural winery experience cultivated by vintners from the Lone Star State and the Hoosier State.

The Only Winery in Shipshewana.

Amy Jones envisions enjoyable evenings to come where visitors to Shipshewana and local residents can enjoy a glass of wine together. Amy and her husband started The LoneStarHoosier Winery to create a welcoming spot that serves their small-batch, handcrafted wine made by vintners from both Texas and Indiana.

The winery will be housed in the Original Shipshewana Train Depot, which was built in 1888. An art gallery for many years, the depot will now welcome local residents and tourists to enjoy a glass of wine that has historically been hard to find in town.
Amy and her husband initially planned to open the winery on their family farm in LaGrange County, Indiana, where they grow corn, soybeans, and alfalfa hay. Amy also ran a small greenhouse business there for several years. She loved being based on the farm and interacting with customers. Due to zoning requirements, however, the Joneses had to move the winery into town.
That location might be simply fantastic for those looking to unwind nearby at the end of the day, though. With over two million visitors to the Shipshewana area every year, Amy will have plenty of customers to please. She envisions keeping the experience small and intimate, even as they increase sales over time.
The grant will help cover the cost of transferring the winery’s permit to the Train Depot as well as renovations to get the space ready for visitors. Down the road, she looks forward to serving customers on site as well as at pop-up venues, weddings, food trucks, wine and canvas events, and evening family nights on the lawn. It’ll soon be time to relax and unwind with a glass of wine right down the street from all the shops and restaurants beloved by visitors to Shipshewana.

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