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Faust, Inc.



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November 2019


Creating durable and economical pedal boats to help people connect with nature and the world around them.

The chief detective at the LaGrange County Sherrif’s Department has the manufacturing bug.

Donnie Faust has spent his career in the military and in law enforcement. During his military career, he experienced the manufacturing industry – one that allows people to build better products that enhance people’s lives. He knew this was a path he wanted to explore.

Faust, Inc. currently serves resort and rentals, but he wants to expand his reach even further.

Faust, Inc. is an aluminum pedal boat manufacturing company that was purchased by Donnie from the company’s previous owner. The aluminum and steel construction means these boats are durable and economical. Donnie has worked to maintain positive relationships with returning customers but wants to expand his reach.

Donnie currently creates 3-person pedal boats and generally provides rental boats to state and county parks, but sees bigger plans for Faust, Inc.

The company will continue to manufacture and provide parts for current models, but Donnie is designing a newer, larger pedal boat model. He is also exploring alternative propulsion options – such as electric motors and advanced pedal designs – for the elderly and people with disabilities to be able to enjoy pedal boating as well.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a pedal boat ride with friends.

As Donnie builds and designs new models, he hopes to break through the private market, targeting campgrounds and lake-goers across northeast Indiana. Once he retires from law enforcement, Faust, Inc. will become Donnie’s full-time job, and he plans to grow the business to a fully-functional boat manufacturing operation from there.

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