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“Young Entrepreneur” of the month: Blake Webb

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“Young Entrepreneur” of the month: Blake Webb

| WPTA 21

August 24, 2019

Each month, ABC 21 partners with Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana to showcase “Young Entrepreneurs” in our area.

For August, we introduced Blake Webb, 18, and his businesses: DeKalb Computer Clinic and Konnect Hosting.

Blake Webb, Fort Wayne’s Young Entrepreneur of the Month

The Auburn native fell in love with computers at a young age. He created his first website at the age of 13.

Now, he can disassemble any computer and diagnose a problem and then fix it or make a recommendation. His Konnect Hosting business provides monthly subscriptions to servers for online gamers.

“It’s just fun. Just the thrill of taking it apart, seeing what’s wrong with it, and then when you put it all back together and it boots up and it works, and then you can say ‘Hey, I fixed your problem,’ and everybody is just like ‘Oh my God, that’s awesome. I couldn’t figure it out. Thank you,’ that’s the best part,” Webb said.

He is studying computer science at Ivy Tech and plans to soon transfer to Indiana Tech.

Webb said he plans to complete internships to expand his knowledge, but both businesses, he said, are having great success.

Right now he works from home, but he hopes to one day open up a shop.

“I don’t ever want to stop those. I just love them,” Webb said. “Even if one day they just stopped getting money, which I doubt, I would still continue to do them because I’m passionate about them.”

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