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Community. Mentors. Funding.

Discover Your Next Step For Launching Your Bold Business Idea

Are you solving a major problem?

Do you have a vision of making the world better but you don’t know where to start? Do you have doubters in your ear telling you to take the conventional route?

At Fortitude Fund we want to encourage you to keep your dream alive. We believe the world becomes a better place when entrepreneurs like you move into unexplored territory. That’s why we are coming alongside you and providing you with the tools you need to keep moving forward.

The Fortitude Fund is made possible in part by support from Elevate Northeast Indiana.

What is the Fortitude Fund?


Meet and connect with peers online and at events throughout the Northeast Indiana region, including quarterly Fortitude Fund Socials. Make new friends with people who, just like you, are bringing something new to the world.

Get Connected


Connect with experienced entrepreneurs who have volunteered to share their experience with you. We’ll make the right introduction based on just what you need, and you can also network with them yourself at our events.

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You can apply for a no-strings-attached $1,000 micro-grant.  All we ask is that you stay in touch. It’s not a huge amount, but could start you on the pathway to a larger grant or even a full seed investment.

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“The first $1,000 donation not only helped me accomplish the Twelve Cities project but also gave me a huge boost in confidence and propelled me to the success I have today.

– Nick Arnett

How It Works.

01. Take the Quiz.

Have some fun and take the Fortitude quiz. We promise that it’s not a school kind of quiz. We also promise that Cambridge Analytics won’t get the answers.

02. Meet People Like You.

It’s like magic when the room fills with bold innovators who are all used to fighting off the unbelievers and haters. Ideas flow, collaborations form, and energy pops.

03. Get Funding and Support.

$1,000 may not seem like much, but it can get you started – and propel you on the path to a larger grant or even a seed investment.

50 Grants to be awarded in 2018

You can start a business in Northeast Indiana, right here, right now. Don't let "conventional wisdom" or the naysayers stop you!

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Learn about Fortitude

The Fortitude Fund is more than grants, we're a community of people just like you building something different right now!

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Tell us what you are working on or how we can help! We’ll get back to you soon.