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Farm Finds Candle Co.



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January 2020


To allow candle lovers to enjoy great scents in a way that’s stylish in their homes and better for the environment.

The first truly sustainable candle company.

What do you do with your empty candles?

The fact of the matter is, most people toss burned-down candles into the trash, not realizing that that glass will live forever in a landfill. Or, they’ll think about taking it to a participating recycling center, but never will.

Lesley Sears knew there had to be a more sustainable (and stylish) way to enjoy the comfort and coziness that candles bring without harming the environment. And she was surprised to find that there wasn’t.

Farm Finds Candle Co. was born from Lesley’s desire for a more environmentally friendly way to enjoy her favorite scents. She devised a system that makes sure she and her customers never have to buy a new candle container again.

With Farm Finds’ re-pour system, customers can choose their favorite scent and choose a candle container to love forever. After 30 seconds in the microwave, the re-pour wax is ready to take up residence in a teacup, a vintage Maxwell House coffee canister, or a recycled glass mason jar.

Through her company, Lesley has combined her love for vintage decor with her love for the environment, creating a technology that allows candle lovers everywhere to enjoy beautiful pieces, comforting scents, and the knowledge that glass won’t be discarded into a landfill.

The system is revolutionary. The Candle Re-pour Kits have a provisional patent, and Lesley is already selling on a national level, with interest from American Farmhouse Magazine, QVC, and several retailers.

But Lesley’s goal is not just to sell a system that works; she also wants to raise awareness about sustainability and thoughtful living through Farm Finds Candle Co.

She launched a podcast on February 6, 2020 called Material Girl Goes Green, where she discusses all the ways (including the Candle Re-pour Kits) that the average American can be more mindful of the environment.

Lesley hopes to continue her reach nationally and globally.

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