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During my junior year at Indiana Tech, I received an internship from a small sports agency down in Dallas, TX called Mack Sports Group, which is now Proverbs Management. I learned a lot while I was there recruiting athletes, managing pro camps, speaking with professional coaches, etc. I was with the company for about two years, and I heard this voice in my head say, “It’s time to bring it home and make a difference.”

For every yes, there’s 30-40 no’s from an athlete. In order to win, I had to get comfortable with losing.

I had questions and doubts, even cried, because I felt unworthy for this calling or purpose God had called me to do. As I cried my senior year at Indiana Tech, I heard the voice again saying, “No need to cry or worry or doubt yourself. I chose you for this because I know you’re more than qualified and strong enough to handle what will be thrown at you.” Since then I’ve started my own agency Capture Sports Agency here in Fort Wayne. I’ve definitely had my ups and downs for sure, but what successful business person doesn’t?

I’ve attended Agent School, Pro Scout School, Sports Business School, and more to gain more knowledge and understanding of the business and the industry. I’m certified in the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball League), FIBA (Federal International Basketball Association), and the WKBL (Women’s Korean Basketball League). I’m studying for my NBA license now. The hardest part about my job as a sports agent is recruiting an athlete for months or even a year and being told he/she is going with another agent. I lose more than I win, but those losses are lessons every time.

For every yes, there’s 30-40 no’s from an athlete. In order to win, I had to get comfortable with losing. I will lose over and over before I come up with the big win, but that’s just God shaping and molding me for this business. I thank God and appreciate every single loss because it makes me appreciate the few wins along the way.

My winning season is coming around the corner, and I’m ready for it. Everyone thinks this job is so easy and that things should happen in a snap of a finger, and it’s not even close. This business is not for just anyone, otherwise, everyone would be doing it. In this business, in order to be successful, you have to get comfortable with LOSING! That definitely doesn’t stop my grind, passion, motivation, hunger, grit, perseverance, or push to keep going until I’ve fulfilled what God has called me to do.

Article written by Chauntiel Smith, Fortitude Founder and founder of Capture Sports Agency

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