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Locally Made Monday – CARTT Delivery

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Locally Made Monday – CARTT Delivery

| WFFT Fox Fort Wayne 55

July 9th, 2018

One of the problems with scheduling a move or a delivery is you have to do it weeks in advance.

And then you’re stuck with the truck all day, and many times, you have to do the driving.

That all changes with a new Fort Wayne company called Cartt Delivery. It is on demand, meaning you get what you need, right then, and they do the work for you.

WFFT’s Andrew Logsdon shows us how in this week’s Locally Made Monday.

Say you buy a refrigerator. The store says they can’t deliver it until next week! Fort Wayne’s newest moving and delivery company, Cartt Delivery, can help you right now.

“You know, there’s tons of customers that need these large, bulky items moved from point A to point B… And you think, oh, I either have to call and bug a friend who has a truck, or go rent a Uhaul, and I’m stuck with it the entire day. Versus we just need this piece moved for about thirty minutes,” says Dylan Belcher.

Founders Justin Davis and Belcher say Cartt Delivery is the first on demand delivery company in the region.

It launched this fall and they say it’s similar to ride sharing. Their drivers own their own trucks, and when you place an order, you get an immediate response.

“The biggest thing we wanted to pride ourselves on is, as we mentioned, we are locally made, and us being near this community, we want to grow with the Fort Wayne community,” Davis says.

“When we launched this on demand delivery and moving service, probably about ten weeks ago, we are approaching our first one hundred users,” Belcher says.

You can order a delivery on their web site or on a phone app.

“It’s that whole idea again of being as effective and convenient as possible for our customers,” Davis says.

Right now, their range is 100 miles around Fort Wayne. But they hope to extend that through the region, and eventually, the country.

“Planning next May, probably officially launching Indianapolis. At that point, we’ll probably go off and raise some money from VCs, and hopefully expand to entirely Midwest, and then get our feet wet in the south, east coast, and west coast,” Belcher says.

You can find out more about Cartt Delivery at-

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