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Fort Wayne Magazine People of the Year

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Fort Wayne Magazine People of the Year


December 7, 2019

he last cover of 2019 for Fort Wayne Magazine features People of the Year. Ten people have been selected to represent the People of the Year.

Fort Wayne Magazine says these people are only givers, meaning they only give time, ideas, and experience. They give their 110%.

Fort Wayne Magazine says they’re a diverse group, “Who through their service to others, have made significant contributions to the arts, education, social services, business and civic engagement.”

On the cover of the December issue is Aaron Robles of Founders Spark. He is featured alongside nonprofit leaders, husband and wife duos, and a school superintendent.

Fort Wayne Magazine says they take about 15 to 17 people and narrowed it down to this list. This is the 2nd year the magazine as put together People of the Year.

Cover of Fort Wayne People of the Year 2019 featuring Aaron Robles

Aaron Robles on the cover of Fort Wayne Magazine’s People of the Year issue in 2019.

Pick up an issue of Fort Wayne Magazine at over a dozen area businesses, including Kroger, or click here.

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