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COVID-19: Resources & Updates for Our Community

By March 17, 2020May 1st, 2020No Comments

Our team at the Elevate Northeast Indiana wants to provide our community with relevant resources for entrepreneurs in the midst of COVID-19 social distancing and quarantines.

But first, some logistical updates (of course):

Office Hours: We are cancelling in-person office hours for foreseeable future. Andie, our Regional Director of Entrepreneurship, will be conducting virtual office hours over video or phone call and invites you to schedule an appointment to chat with her through her Calendly.


A Message From Elevate Ventures, one of our partners:

As Indiana’s leading venture development investor we understand and see the impact that this pandemic has on businesses. Startups and scale ups across Indiana may experience supply-chain disruptions, loss in revenues, and an increased strain to make everything virtual so staff and guests are protected from contracting the virus. Businesses are encouraged to put the health and safety of their team first, but it is still imperative to ensure your operations run smoothly.

While some reports indicate that our lives and economy will be disrupted for three to four weeks, the likelihood is that it will be much longer than that. All businesses should have careful plans based around a four- to six-month disruption. Planning for the worst-case scenario is prudent and knowing one’s burn rate, along with how that ties into other economic disruptions, may cause different decision making.

Moving forward Elevate Ventures will be sending weekly communication to our broad constituencies that will include relevant and thoughtful resources and information specific to how companies can get through this hard time. To remain up to date with these efforts, make sure you subscribe to our content. One key resource that may come in handy is the free webinar offered by the Indiana Chamber. If you don’t have a login, create one when prompted.

Click here to read some additional ways to prepare. Please feel free to contact members of our staff at any time. While we are working remote, we are still here to help as needed.


Chris LaMothe
Chief Executive Officer
Elevate Ventures

Perspectives From Elevate Ventures:

The Elevate Ventures team is made up of thought leaders and experts with practical entrepreneurial experience. Below are some of our Perspectives with advice and insights to help startups get through this hard time.

COVID-19 & Startup Info:

Startups and scale ups across Indiana will hit some rough patches in the coming months as the spread of COVID-19 continues to grow. Elevate is still here to support your needs and as such have gathered some key resources and information pieces from some experts across the nation to share. Below are a few that we felt may fuel your next steps.


Financial Management & Handling Burn Rate

How to Communicate During a Pandemic

Fundraising & Venture Capital

Talent Changes & Projections

Working Remotely & Company Culture

Adjusting Your Pitch Strategy

Tools & Support

Several organizations across the nation are offering free extended trials and subscriptions to make running your business remotely easier. Below are a few tools to consider utilizing and taking advantage of in the coming weeks and months.

Additional Links | COVID-19

Below are some additional links that will help keep you updated with facts and information specific to the pandemic. This list is not exhaustive.

Our list of resources and tips will continue to be updated as more information is available regarding COVID-19 and resources for small business, the people who run them, their families, and their employees.

We know this is a scary time, but it’s integral that we come together in support of our community in any way we can.

Happy social distancing and hand washing!

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