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Guardian Machine Protection


May 2019

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January 2020

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February 2021


Innovative preventive maintenance service that extends asset life and increases your bottom line.

Preventative maintenance crews spend their days firefighting.

Manufacturers know the importance of preventative maintenance to keep their machines running smoothly. And yet, they rarely take the time or resources to ensure prevent issues with their machinery.

And, if they do have a preventative maintenance crew, the crew spends its days fixing emergent issues instead of preventing future issues.

The lack of machinery upkeep leads to higher costs for repairs, dips in productivity, and loss of time and revenue.

David Wall started his company, Wall Control Services, in 2011 that takes care of reactive repairs for manufacturers. But his wife, Yan, saw the opportunity in proactive, preventative care – a service well-needed but missing in this area.

Yan is now the CEO of Guardian Machine Protection, a company that specializes in machinery upkeep on a consistent schedule at a predictable cost.

Guardian Machine Protection’s services are subscription-based. Each pricing tier gets manufacturers more time from Yan’s team for protective care each month.

The team at Guardian Machine Protection, which includes David and his nearly 30 years of experience, takes over manufacturers’ machinery upkeep efforts so they can focus on staying productive and keep revenue flowing.

Currently, Guardian Machine Protection provides 24/7 local service, scalable plans, industry software integration, free onsite assessments, technical staffing, machinery upkeep, and more to manufacturers in the greater Fort Wayne area.

In the future, Yan and David hope to expand their services throughout the Midwest.

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Business Updates

GFW Selects Next Cohort for Bridge Program

Ten entrepreneurs have been selected to participate in the newest cohort of Greater Fort Wayne Inc.’s Bridge Program. GFW says the program is designed to give entrepreneurs an extra boost, helping them bridge the gap between startup and success by connecting them with established companies.

Fort Wayne Company to Add Jobs

A Fort Wayne-based company is looking to grow. Guardian Machine Protection LLC, which provides preventive maintenance services for industrial machinery in the manufacturing industry, has announced plans to add up to 170 jobs.

Fort Wayne’s Guardian reduces plant downtime

A new preventative maintenance business for industrial machinery is looking to recruit up to 170 employees.

Wall Control Services at 6015 Highview Drive, Suite A in Fort Wayne started Guardian Machine Protection in May at the same location with the help of Robert Clark, founder and CEO of Scale Ventures.

Guardian is a woman-owned and led business founded to address a common manufacturing pain point by providing basic preventative maintenance with simple, predictable pricing.

Fort Wayne company plans to create up to 170 new jobs

A Fort Wayne company that provides preventive maintenance services for industrial machinery has announced plans to hire up to 170 new workers. Guardian Machine Protection, located at 6015 Highview Drive was founded in 2011.

According to a news release from Greater Fort Wayne INC., the company uses an innovative and cost-effective approach to service a growing niche in providing proactive basic preventive maintenance with simple, predictable pricing.

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