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May 2019


Providing resources and training to maintain safe environments in our community.

We can’t prevent dangerous situations, but we can be as prepared as possible when they happen.

Wayne Kelly knows better than anyone that adequate preparation and training in the face of a dangerous situation can be a matter of life or death. He is a former police officer and homicide detective for the Fort Wayne Police Department. 

Twenty-seven years of experience on the police force has given Wayne unique insights on how to properly and efficiently handle emergency situations.

Using his experience, Wayne founded X-FIVE-O Solutions.

X-FIVE-O Solutions provides emergency training and security plans to business, churches, and nonprofits, allowing our community to more confidently and readily maintain safe environments. 

Wayne and his team provide training on how to handle  everyday situations, such as a medical emergency or emergency building evacuation. This includes CPR, basic life support, emergency planning, and security team training.

Although X-FIVE-O Solutions offers basic training, they also recognize the need for resources in a world where public spaces are at higher risk than ever for mass attacks. The company’s primary focus is on providing training to churches due to recent targeted shootings in places of worship.

What to do. When to do it. How to do it.

In these cases, Wayne emphasizes that he will teach you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Having a process in place helps those in any disaster situation remain calm, overcome adrenaline rushes, and make smart and quick decisions. Effectively, training from X-FIVE-O Solutions will save lives.

Wayne is planning on using his grant from the Fortitude Fund to purchase more training resources, which will allow X-FIVE-O Solutions to provide continuous, consistent, and comprehensive training to their clients.

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