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January 2023


Immigration support services in Fort Wayne

A 2018 study from the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership indicated that while the population in the 11-county region that includes Allen County increased by 2.2 percent from 2011 to 2016, the immigrant population increased more than 13 percent over the same period. The study found up to 4.5 percent of the population in Northeast Indiana is foreign-born.

Statistics like these frame the story that Northeast Indiana is becoming more diverse. But at the same time, there needs to be a plan to help them acclimate and thrive in their new homeland. Entrepreneur Janee Langhorne is one person who’s invested in their future. As she shares, many believe that immigrants make our communities richer. However, many individuals and families coming to the United States for a brighter future face numerous challenges.  With that in mind, Janee Langhorne and her company Vineyard Management are trying to lighten the load for these newcomers.

Vineyard Management provides immigrants in the Fort Wayne community with resources to help curb the challenge of understanding and adapting to a new environment. The company is currently focused on immigration support. They offer services to international families assisting with their naturalization into Fort Wayne. Janne and her team help families with a pathway to citizenship and connect them with community partners that can provide needed services. For instance, they connect them with resources like interpretation and other ways to understand American culture better.

At the time of the grant application, Janee shared she was working with 8 clients and plans to expand Vineyard’s offerings. Her vision is to create a transportation service to escort families to and from medical appointments. She’s also exploring the idea of opening a Muslim faith-based daycare and creating a home healthcare agency that will employ and serve immigrants.