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Desert Donuts


May 2018

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January 2019


Two southern girls makin’ designer donuts in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

These are not your traditional donuts. These are designer donuts.

After a trip to the West Coast, home to places like Voodoo Donuts, business partners Tiffany Brown and Jada Carpenter realized that Fort Wayne had traditional and niche donut options, but lacked a designer donut shop. Desert Donuts was created out of Jada’s kitchen to fill the donut gap.

Desert Donuts logo

Unlike traditional donuts, designer donuts are more colorful, artful, and thoughtfully decorated and designed. The over-the-top designs created by Tiffany and Jada make the donuts fun to eat and look at and are especially loved by children and families.

Although Desert Donuts’ main draw is the whimsy of their donut designs, Tiffany is confident that beautiful donuts can be tasty too. Desert Donuts’ customers agree, too.

Tiffany and Jada are selling Desert Donuts through the business’ social media profiles. Their next steps are a bigger kitchen and a donut cart to be able to sell their creations at a physical location.

Ultimately, Tiffany and Jada hope to move Desert Donuts into a storefront shop where customers can enjoy looking at (and, of course, eating) their beautiful and delicious designer donut creations.

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Business Updates

Locally Made Monday: Desert Donuts

Meet Jada Carpenter and Tiffany Brown. They’re the owners of Fort Wayne’s newest place to get your donut fix. The pair started Desert Donuts three months ago after they saw a void here in the summit city.

Friends partner on Desert Donuts

Jada Carpenter and Tiffany Brown are best friends. They are the kind of friends who can finish each other’s sentences, excitedly chatting about the business they own together – Desert Donuts.

Desert Donuts is relatively new to the Fort Wayne food scene, springing up just four months ago. But in the age of social media, Carpenter and Brown have created a following for their unique – maybe even eccentric – creations.

Desert Donuts finds following on social media

Desert Donuts are almost too pretty to eat — almost.

Best friends Tiffany Brown and Jada Carpenter started their small business in May. Baking out of a private kitchen, the pair create doughnuts with interesting flavor combinations and colorful decorations that pop off their Instagram feed, like the Pink Cloud, a dreamy doughnut topped with pop rocks and a tuft of cotton candy.

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